• Best of Berlin in 48 Hours

    Berlin has to be one of the most unique and incredible cities I’ve ever been to. With a turbulent history, the culture that exists in Berlin today is one that has risen from conflict, pain, and separation. The culture that exists today is one of love, unity, openness, compassion, and freedom. And while this is evident through the friendly people you encounter and the art you observe as you wander, one can’t help but notice that the scars of Germany’s past, course through the veins of the city. During my time in Berlin, I was moved deeply by the city and its people. I was touched by the way the…

  • Hamburg Port Anniversary: A Birthday Bash Unlike any Other

    This past month, I had the pleasure and honour of attending the Hamburg Port Anniversary in Hamburg, Germany. The weird thing was, up until I went, I had actually never heard of it… As the second biggest city in Germany, one would think that a city like Hamburg would get a lot more international attention — especially when it comes to travel and tourism. So, let me just start off by saying, point blank, Hamburg totally doesn’t get enough credit. Diverse, open-minded, and friendly, the city really knows how to make visitors feel welcome.

  • How to Spend 48 Hours in Boston

    Boston – a city best known for sports, clam chowder, prestigious universities, that thing where people run crazy long distances, and having food items named after it… While my time in this flourishing destination was limited, the friendly people and good vibes left me eager to plan a return visit ASAP! In this blog post, I’m going to share with you how I spent my time in Boston and the things I would most recommend for a weekend getaway to the city.