About Me

Hi, I’m Lily!

Adventure seeker. Creative spirit. Obsessive learner. Earth and sustainability enthusiast. My name is Lily and I’ve visited 32 countries and lived in 6, and my list is ever-growing! I am a Northern-Ontario born, Canadian / Guatemalan / Lithuanian / Italian educated, Toronto-based explorer, storyteller, blogger, and photographer. Welcome to my little corner of the internet, it’s awesome to have you here!

This blog…

A destination for curious dream-seekers to get lost and discover hidden gems from around the world, I’ve established lilyslensonlife in hopes that I can use my background, experience and skill set to share with others inspiring places and opportunities from across the globe. With an emphasis on cultural awareness and understanding, this platform explores how to best experience different parts of the world covering topics like ethical travel, must see locations and must do activities, inspiring wanderlust filled souls to make the most of their travel experiences while also adding to their bucket list. The topics connect travellers with useful tips regarding accommodation, food, transportation, experiences and more.

A little background info…

After my introduction to travel in my mid teens, I fell in love with the aspect of learning about new cultures and worlds beyond the boarders of my home outside Toronto, Canada. I decided to study my Bachelors Degree in International Development and Sociology, with an area of emphasis in Gender and Development. After a semester of study in Guatemala, an internship in Peru, and the completion of my bachelors at the University of Guelph, I left to work for an NGO based outside of London, UK. Still feeling like I had more to learn from academic studies, I decided to take on a Masters.

Fast forward two years and I successfully completed my dual Masters Degree in International and Intercultural Communications, with the Geert Hofstede Consortium, at Vilnius University in Lithuania and IULM University in Italy. I wrote my Masters Thesis in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability.

Passionate about culture and people, I have spent the past 14 years investing in international experiences around the world which would help shape me into the global citizen I seek to be – with an open mind and stronger understanding of people around the world, and the way we communicate and interact with each other and our environments.

I currently work in CSR and as a freelance writer and photographer.

A few of my favourite things…

Getting lost in new cities, discovering more sustainable lifestyle changes and products, being on large bodies of water, sunrise/sunset, fresh flowers, bubble baths, breakfast food, getting my hair done, aerial views, anything pumpkin spice (basic? maybe, but I’m over it), movie marathons in homemade forts, a well crafted drink (can I even narrow it down to one when I love caesars, wine, prosecco and craft beer?), fresh bed sheets, the smell after rain, picnics, a good adrenaline rush, puppies (duhh), Game of Thrones, and a classic ’90s/’00s throwback.